Rob Allen Guitar Tuition


"In 2003 when we moved to Bristol, my son, age 8, began guitar lessons with Rob Allen. I'm of the opinion, those early hours of tuition make, or break in terms of going forward long-term, with the same tutor. There was an immediate rapport between the two and the only reason my son quit seeing Rob, was because we moved here to Southampton in 2008. 5 weeks ago, my son started university to become a sound engineer. He has his own band and supports other bands at gigs. Those early days with Rob were instrumental in his achievements to date. Rob has the patience of a Saint and is such a chilled guy, nothing was ever any bother; passionate and his love of music unrivaled. The relationship between student and tutor is paramount in the success of learning. I'm convinced this generated the same passion and love for music in my son, as the indisputable commitment and passion evident in Rob."

Mum to Charlie, Mandie Marriott. Southampton, Hampshire.


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