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'Settle Up Or Settle Down'
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Venue Magazine - 'they're undeniably brilliant'

Carly Drew - Live-Music-Scene.co.uk - 'this album is stellar'

Jon Wisbey - The Sunday Rock Show - BCFM - 'highly recommended'

Bristol Rocks Webzine - 'a world class band'

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Classic Rock/Prog Magazine - Live review -The Water Rats, London

JEBO live at The Thunderbolt, Bristol

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Band History

The band that would become JEBO began when Rob Allen and Jeff France started to feel strongly that the touring band they were playing in at the time, K-Passa, was coming to an end. While that group were honouring their last gigs, Rob and Jeff would get together at Rob's home studio to write and record new music that would be different from anything they had done before. Their objective from the start was to work and perform to the highest standards.

When K-Passa had finally finished, the two had enough material to start looking for other musicians. First they needed to complete the essential backbone of any band's sound, the rhythm section, with a bass player, and from the many that applied, Lawrie Jones stood out from the rest in all respects. After jamming and recording some parts at Rob's house the three of them shook hands there and then and went to the pub..

After a few live rehearsals as a three piece, they were ready to look for a singer. They knew this would not be easy as they were quite sure of the
qulaity of singer the band needed. After several auditions that put the X-Factor to shame, the band decided James Hollingsworth was the man for the job.

Now a four-piece JEBO were joined by Jeff's long time friend Jon Hollier on keys and the band started to rehearse, knowing that Jon wasn't to stay long term, as he had other commitments. Sure enough Jon departed and was replaced for a while by Phil Dudd on Hammond Organ.

They worked hard on getting the group to a high standard, and got their first gig supporting renowned Rhythm and Blues guitarist Wilko Johnson. After the show people were amazed that this was the band's first gig.

From that moment onward JEBO continued to work, and had shows in Belgium, Germany and in the UK, including The Royal Albert Hall in London and The Grand Opera House in York as the opening act for The Musical Box and behind the scenes the band began to attract skilled people in the music industry who offered to help the band for love not money. By the time the group started working their way from opening act to top-billing at London's Borderline, they had invited an ex-band-mate of James', the classically trained Nick O'Neill, to play Hammond and Piano and were well into recording their first album, which Classic Rock magazine would later call “A Masterpiece”.

Released in March 2006, “Sinking Without You” is a testament to JEBO's hard work and professionalism, and has sold across Europe and America.

The band then started work on their 2nd album. During these sessions there was a bit of an upheaval in so much that James Hollingsworth and Lawrie Jones left the band! Kevin J Messenger (vocals) and Gianfredo Konig (bass) were swiftly recruited and the sessions completed. With the new line up the band immediately had a more comptemporay sound. As Nick O'Neill said on hearing some of the playbacks -

'It sounds like JEBO but now in Widescreen'.

The album is now being mixed and is due for release in 2010.


Diary History
2008 - on Bristol Rocks

2007 - on Bristol Rocks

2006 - album tour

2005 - Albert Hall!

2004 - Belgium, man.

2003 - first gig!

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