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Gold and Silver Discs of Selling England by the Pound

JB_and_AcetateKeef Hartley and Johnnie were killing time. Keef came to visit Johnnie at his flat where a pair of beautifully framed Gold and Silver discs of the album Selling England by the Pound by Genesis had recently taken up their illustrious residence. The album had reached number 3 in the UK charts and number 70 in the US charts since its release in 1973.

Two sets of eyes examined the discs warily. What were these proud and ego-aggrandising items? Whose business did they represent? Johnnie found himself slightly embarrassed at possessing these trophies, in the way one would for serving caviar for a pet cat's breakfast. 'Selling England' indeed!

They seemed fake and pretentious, their shine superficial and they seemed to come from a completely different universe to the studio where the music they claimed to embody was actually recorded. Did they even have Genesis cut into those shiny grooves?

They could have recycled any disc. Could be the Beatles or Frank Sinatra, even... A short debate followed and it was unanimously decided that there was nothing for it but to take the discs out of the frames and play them.

It turned out that the discs did indeed have Genesis' music pressed into them. But despite everything, this revelation frustratingly seemed to solve nothing.

It was 'that' stage of the evening. It was the 1970's. Approaching the dawn of punk. It seemed eminently appropriate that the discs were set to with a sledgehammer and so were made fit for inclusion in Johnnie's home.

Gold Disc1

Later, Keef asked if he could have the frames, they'd be useful, he said. "Sure!", was Johnnie's inevitable reply.


So, here are the discs as they are today, tempered to fit into the rightful position they hold in the household of Johnnie Burns, anarchic tamer of supercilious discs.

Here he is, propped up like a Soviet dignitary at a parade, while members of rock band, JEBO, make his waving at troops appear to be akin to the movements of a living man, with a message for the world:

Johnnie with a message

One last look at those shameless discs in all their unframed battered glory:

Two Discs Large

Live version of "Nowhere left To Hide"
recorded at the Opera House, York when JEBO supported The Musical Box