"I failed to get my cases delivered, and had to turn up to the gig with my amp in a DVD box." - one of Lawrie's last diary entries (so far)

Diary History

October 2006 - Rotherham - Classic Rock Society Gig

So the day was set and we were due to support the prog-tacular Mostly Autumn in a gig at Rotherham. But this was no ordinary gig, this was being promoted and healthily supported by huge fans of JEBO – the Classic Rock Society.

Leaving at 10 in the morning, with the familiar sight of 6 men, lots of gear and even more boiled/gelatinous sweets and chocolate, we set off. The sounds of Deep Purple (well, it’s classic rock innit?) reverberated around our minibus until we arrived.

The venue, a smashing place, was a college/school. This rather brought out the child in all of us, and we began to enjoy the evening. The hall was cavernous, and could easily hold hundreds of people. If you’ve ever been backstage, most of the banter pre-gig involves exploring the many, many ways a gig can go wrong. Forgetting 4 notes, drinking too much complimentary Carling, smoking-something-sticky-and-green-and-forgetting-the-words, and many other ways.

Mostly Autumn’s stage crew were incredibly helpful, and cleared a space much bigger than the majority of stages we’ve been playing on this year. (You try setting a bass up between a drum riser and a polythene womb covered in tennis balls.)

So we set up, and began to soundcheck. Things are always easier with a guitar in your hands. Except eating and other things. Playing a gig though, best thing for it.

So we soundchecked, and waited, and listened to a man on a Nintendo DS, and waited, and then Conan turned up and then we waited. And then we were on.

Beginning with our intro tape, we smashed straight into a rock and roll set filled with our up-tempo numbers I guess. This set was calculated to get the crowd rocking, and it did. With much panache we bashed through the numbers, including a (bass-solo-tastic) impromptu, a delay fuelled What Dreams and a few others. Seriously, I have to say this was probably our best gig to date.

And I wore the most beautiful coat known to man. A wonderful mix of real fur, and cotton. Charity shops get no better than this bad boy.

We also debuted James’s first JEBO song – Far Away From Home. As visitors to Myspace will know this is a cracking, rolling number that sent people through the roof. Plenty more of these for the next album James!

After we’d finished, we watched a lot of Mostly Autumn, who were cracking and enjoyed all the comments and support we and they received. Great thanks to Mostly Autumn for the colossal show, prog-a-dab-a-dobulus. With some great hooks, and backing singers that made James tingle. We’ll leave it there.

A great many thanks to the Classic Rock Society who made us feel at home, and the great – and generous – crowd they brought. A great night. I feel this is only the beginning of our working together, and look forward to many more gigs.

Big thanks to Conan, Dave Swain and Roddy (who were brilliant again) Beck for running our Merchandise Stand and many others who we’ve forgotten.

Couldn't have done it without ya!




27th July 06

Tour Reflections

The band are working hard to bring to you the best live show possible. If you had accompanied us on or brief soiree oop North, you would have seen this in “full-effect”.

Armed to the teeth with expensive equipment and literally bursting at the seams with pent up rock energy, we embarked on the tour to showcase the album and present, once and for all, the might of the JEBO live show. I didn’t imagine I’d be getting changed in someone’s dining room after having my hand bitten by their Alsatian, but that’s rock and roll. In a manner of speaking.

Anyway, the gigs were booked, the van was loaded and we embarked taking in gigs in Manchester, Derby, Stroud, Bristol, Ilfracombe, Bideford and many more places. Well, one more, but again, my memory fails me.

Beginning with perhaps the smallest pub ever to accept the JEBO roadshow (and one that was due to being pulled down to make way for more affordable housing…). It’s name eludes me, which is fine, as it’s no longer there, so you can’t pay a pilgrimage to it anyway.

The tour was an incredible success, and really helped the band progress the live show. We’ve been working very hard to create something special and to present the album tracks in the most sympathetic and fantastic light.

Hopefully, I think we succeeded.

The japery and tomfoolery of any JEBO get together was in evidence on this tour. Particular highlights included: me creating a back catalogue of songs describing in no uncertain terms the behaviour and attitude of an auburn haired goddess while she was sat in the other room (I apologise again…).

Rob, Jeff and James incurring the fury of a fellow guest in a paper walled Motel room. I have no ideas what they were doing to create a cacophony, but they did.

Someone stealing my bag in Manchester (possibly not an uncommon occurrence, granted), which cost me upwards of £70. So, thanks for that you !£$%!£$%!.

Me almost missing my flight on Monday June the 5th as I overslept in a drunken/post-tour haze.

Spider complaining on a daily basis at the lack of MacDonalds facilities everywhere and the sub-standard nature of a Burger King.

Us eating at takeaways in various states of disrepair (us and the takeaways).

And many more things.

Big thanks firstly to anyone who came to see us. I’m sure it was worth it. Secondly, to all those who helped (promoters, roadies, Swain and many more). Those who put us up (and not those who put us down). A pre-disgraced Craig Charles for enlivening our Manchester gig. Those valiant servants producing greasy breakfasts, greasy lunches and greasy evening meals up and down the country.

And finally, Bowen. Bowen the legend.




And So It Begins...

Well, it’s been a long time since I added pressure to these keys and typed a diary entry, and in the interim period a lot has happened. Perhaps before we move on, we need a brief recap of events.

Firstly, the album has now been completed, packaged, sealed and ready to go! It truly is a fantastic piece and I think is going to get you all going. I can’t describe how proud we are of it, we just are.

The album contains (I think) 11 songs, 9 of which I played on (and are therefore worth listening to), 2 of which I didn’t which, as you can imagine, are just fillers really.

We’ve done some lovely gigs, which I imagine you can all see from the wonderful scrolling bar on the homepage lovingly supplied by Dreamweaver.

Rather earlier than the album being finished, we welcomed the addition of Nick O’Neill to the band, a presence who has added so much …….to the bar bill. A wonderful chap, and supremely talented, he’s changed the band, and as a recently retired University lecturer has really brought us along.

"You there boy, tuck your shirt in… don’t re-harmonise, just play the right notes!!!"

Jeff is still complaining about being unfairly labeled the food obsessed member of the band. Rob is unfortunately unable to take a holiday this year, and I’ve recently upgraded – for the 4th time – my JEBO gear (will be doing a new Gear page later on today, so watch out for that. (Or don’t, it’s your choice…))

Last weekend we kicked off the JEBO mini-tour with a brief soiree down to Clevedon, the sleepy seaside village that was destined to wake up, especially with the size of the rig Spider (our PA champion) was going to put in. Never before had the residents heard the deafening volume of a Lee Oskar Harmonica in A.

We set off, I failed to get my cases delivered, and had to turn up to the gig with my amp in a DVD box. Set up, ran through a few numbers (to the sound of West-Country pre-gig grunting), and then looked for chips. “In a seaside town… easy”, but it wasn't.

The gig went spectacularly, with at least 3 new live numbers stuffed into the set somewhere. A few ups, and corresponding downs, but the gig was an overwhelming success and I can’t tell you how proud I was. Of my new amp, obviously. The band were alright too.

So, we may or may not be coming to a town near you soon, and it is your obligation, nay, your duty to come and see us!

When you do, say hello, and please stay around. It’s gets better after the first few numbers.



Diary History
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