"Jeff used his political power to plan out and execute an amazing turnaround." - Lawrie's diary entry about first JEBO gig

Diary History


So, the date was the 22nd and it was the night of the first gig. It was time to unleash the JEBO sound on an unsuspecting public. The time was 1.30pm and the place was Dockside. (Well, the time was 1.30pm for all sane people - for Phil that meant 2.15pm obviously).

Jeff had hired the van as an antique dealer; the man at rent-a-van couldn't believe his luck when the recently deposed tory party leader came in and asked him. Made his day Jeff reckons. Jeff used his political power to plan out and execute an amazing turnaround. In and out in 20 minutes flat. The biggest headache we had was James and his harmonicas - we just couldn't find anything heavy enough to drop on them. As for seating, it was all of us in the back, and 4 Hiwatts in the front seat. They are of course the most valuable members of the band, obviously...

The trip was punctuated by Somerfield cookies, and Dale Winton. Don't ask... When we got there, we couldn't believe our luck, they'd erected perhaps the smallest stage in history! Not even big enough for my ego! Still, after about 15 different stage plans, we'd finally got it right. Then, of course, we found out Wilko didn't want it that way, and we had to change it all. (that didn't make me 'feel-good'...poor joke, hey?).

By then, we'd all started heavy drinking, Hollingsworth style. Boy, the water was flowing. Now, at this point I was literally pissing myself. The Kafka-esque toilet situation was abominable. I went into one door, in pitch black, I found 2 other locked doors. Fucking Derby!

Then at the door, an apparition appeared, a towering, dark eyed giant of a man. Fuck me, it was Norman Watt roy, then there was the man, Wilko Johnson. After 3 words, "You the bass player?" Yepp.. "uggg..."

Fast forward to 8:39, Gregg turned up, we had an amazing sound check, Ringo sounded good, Rob's Hiwatts literally shook the building even with his Hot plate, (stolen form a curry house.. cheers Phil) Jeff's drums filled up almost all the stage, and there I was the petrified, slightly sweaty bass player.

BANG!!! Sane man, have that. As Robs guitar resonated the room took notice... Whoosh, it was Sinking without you, bad-a-bad-a-bam.. it was the end of Nowhere Left to Hide. 40 minutes of top notch rockin good songs. Now, I can't analyse the songs, and to be honest, words don't exist to describe us on stage (well, swear words anyway) suffice to say the ball was rolling.

We had cheers, we had applause, people even told Jimmy to piss off when he said it was our first gig! Oh, and Rob decided to speak. Now, as the undisputed loud mouth extrovert of the band, all I could do was shut the fuck up I'm afraid. Still, next time they'll get my tortured soliloquy (Shakespearean speech delivered by me, supposedly to myself).

That's it, we had a few drinks with Gregg, (a fine and lovely man, who can drink the hind legs off a monkey) we chatted to the promoter and his lovely girlfriend (they even bought me and Rob a pint, we refused to go any further though..) and stayed for a while.

What about Wilko you ask? Well, he was amazing, Norman literally R&B'd the roof off, and I almost smoked a spliff with two legends. But, I was too scared (well that's what I'll tell the parents).

That's it. A horrible takeaway, and a long ride home, and we were done, all Jebo'd out.

P.S. To all concerned, i apologise for the frequency and ferocity of my swearing, it was uncalled for, and frankly unforgivable. To all (but the smelly fat heavy metal people in the Flowerpot, you know who you are..) I apologise profusely.

Come on Jebo! See you all on our tour after Christmas.




Lawrie's Back

After relinquishing control of this website for a couple of months I'm now back, and what a few months. Firstly our very own Ian Duncan Smith of the drums, Jeff France, has decided to dedicate himself to the band. His opening of supermarkets was legendary to us, but well, nobody wants a Conservative body double any more so he had to hang up the pinstripes.

Musically, James has slotted in fantastically, bringing a new direction to the band. A direction that isn't towards the nearest pub that is.... His hard drinking is legendary round these parts. Yep, hide those bottles of Evian when he's around.

Rob's still looking for a Hiwatt cab but he can't find one. I offered him mine. but well, I was only joking, sorry mate.

Phil's now completed his community service and he's a free man. Drinks are on Phil!!He invested in a new Hiwatt, which he promptly broke (possibly the only person who has ever managed this), got it fixed and now it sounds amazing. Trouble is, he stole the money from a charity box and, well, he's gonna be sent down I reckon?

Coming up on the horizon, we've actually got some gigs! We're off to rock Derby with R & B legend Wilko Johnson. When we got that news I sure did Feelgood. (get it...?).

When you lovely people come to see us don't forget to say hello and buy me a drink.Also we have a limited number of CD's for sale that were originally intended for publicity only, but we liked them so much we thought we'd flog them to anyone whose interested.Could be a collectors item one day.

So well, that's it. Hopefully I'll keep this job long enough to maintain a secure lifestyle and sanity.

Bye bye, and to anyone who hasn't seen this page please make them aware of it.



Thursday 16th October '03

Well it seems like the quest for the Holy Grail of rock is at an end.... we have found 'THE' voice.

It came in the shape of James Hollingsworth and boy can he sing. His voice fits our material so well it is like it was written for him.

Anyway after waiting for this long you'd think I had pages and pages to write about it but I haven't so there.

We will be gradually moving everything over to the new JEBO site over the next few weeks so watch out for that. We will have gig dates and a 3 Track CD for sale, a taster of which is here .

Bye for now



June 5th '03

We are currently auditioning singers for the new band which is called JEBO. Check out Lawrie's new tale below!!

If you wish to be kept up to date with any details of gigs etc. please join our new mailing list. For the time being I have put some K-Passa gigs on their page.

Lawrie Jones's Diary

So, the night was setting, and the sun, a distant fragment of our collective imaginations. It was a Thursday, and that means one thing, JEBO night. Today was special, we had a new singer to audition. Now, the first rule of any engagement is not to be late, unfortunately, our new friend decided to forget this. No matter, for time is an imposed trap devised to rule the free will of man. To test his mettle, we made him sit in a darkly lit room with Rob and Jeff, a trial no man should have to face, and on top of this, the poor lad was made to sing! To cut a long story short, he came, he saw, he left. That's it, no more no less. The guy has a lot of potential and in a while could make a fucking good singer for someone, but perhaps he wasn't quite right for the music, something I'm sure he'd agree with. So, cheers, and well get you a pint in.

After he had left, we decided to rock on with another new song, the fantastically titled, "untitled". After a few runs through, the rock solid rhythm section had grasped the complexities of the song and laid down some monumental foundations. However, the X factor was Phil. And as the minutes turned into hours, the hours turned into what felt like days, and the days slipped into weeks, it was evident this white sock, slipper wearing maverick suffers from a rare and crippling syndrome called red light anxiety. This isn't where he shits himself because he's too frightened to approach a hooker, it's that he gets confused and anxious when he has to record. Still, after literally thousands of takes and hundreds of sighs and moans, he managed to get something approaching acceptable, which at the end of the day, is all you can ask of those less skilled than yourselves.

In the general scheme of things, the band seems to be moving from strength to strength, and soon should be competing for worlds strongest band. However, we are still like Stephen Hawking without the fucking computerised talking mechanism, highly talented, but with no voice. The ever illusive search for a singer goes on, its like trying to find a virgin on a council estate, they exist but are protected and revered by many...

Till next time, over and out.........

Lawrie Jones,
Bristol June '03


May 18th '03

We are currently auditioning singers for the new band which is called JEBO at the moment until someone comes up with a better suggestion.

Lawrie has now got himself the Hiwatt Custom 100 amp he was looking for which literally blows away the Trace Elliot rig he had. I have also found myself another Hiwatt head so watch out!

At some point each member of the band will have their own page if they so wish but for now here is a little tale from Lawrie about how he ended up with us. Colourful chap isn't he!! - Rob

Lawrie's Tale

"Emerging from the depressing haze of deliverance country cover bands, sick of the strains of Brian Adams "Summer of 69'" I decided to pack up my polka dotted hanky, attach it to the end of a long stick and slope of to Bristol. On arrival, I indulged in the delights of "The Bristol Sound" and whored myself around regular shitty gigs playing lazy, hazy drug induced trip hop and white boy funk. But then I realised that I was shit, and that the music itself was also kind of shit. So, I gave up for a while.

But then I thought that chicks dig guys with guitars, so I picked up my bass and began again. Spurned on by Led Zeppelin, the Who etc. etc. I regained faith in the power of rock. I also developed a love for vintage equipment. I now own two vintage jazz basses (1968 and 1975) and a couple of bashed up old pawn shop things, run through a smelly old Hiwatt 100. I'm not going to bore you with what these things look and sound like, but "fucking good" is the best I can come up with.

As for joining these guys, well it was the well worn route of Trade It adds, it was either this, a Clifton based Big Band, or a Wurzels tribute band. Hmm I thought, what would be be best, playing loud rock music, Gilbert & Sullivan show tunes or "I am a Zider drinker." ........ Of course I chose the Big Band, but my chart reading wasn't up to it, and I was too thin and not yokelly enough for the Wurzels, so I bit the bullet, and phoned up these people. After some studio"sessions" I realised that they were ok if follically challenged, so I agreed, and the legend begins!!!

Having now met Reg the sound man, Phil the space cadet and Ellie (best left undescribed) I now feel part of the family. I'm currently working on some intricate Stu Hamm double finger taps for one of the songs, and a 6/8 cha cha styled solo for another, so its all going good. Hopefully we can get this show on the road, and rock like a mo-fo".

Lawrie Jones,
Bristol May '03


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